One of the most beautiful aspects of the Mediterranean culture is the relation people have with wine. In many countries government guidelines advise reducing alcohol content, in fact if it was for the government they would rather you not drink at all. So what about the millions of Mediterranean’s, whose diet is classified as one of the healthiest in the world and which includes a drink or two as an integral part? The answer lies in what they eat and how they drink.

It is of culture and tradition in the Mediterranean to accompany a meal with a glass of wine, even when alcohol is consumed without a meal it is usually accompanied with some tapas. This is a way of life, the healthy diet rich in olive oil, legumes, vegetables and little processed food and a glass of wine or two forms a daily routine amongst many households and it is thanks to this culture that the Mediterranean way of life is becoming more and more popular across the world.

There is something special about uniting with family and friends and sitting down to enjoy some great food and wine, it is a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation a way of life that brings everybody together. The Mediterranean diet is considered as one the healthiest in the world, but it is not only the diet, it’s the love of food and the lifestyle that makes it such a beautiful culture rich in history.